Workplace Investigation Report Template

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Workplace Investigation Report Template
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Workplace investigation reports are essential documents that provide a comprehensive and objective account of an investigation conducted within a workplace. These reports are crucial in ensuring that proper procedures are followed, and that any concerns or complaints are addressed in a fair and unbiased manner. In this article, we will provide you with a workplace investigation report template that you can use as a guide when conducting your own investigations.

Table of Contents


The introduction section of the workplace investigation report provides an overview of the purpose of the report and the background information of the investigation. It should include details such as the date the investigation was initiated, the individuals involved, and any relevant policies or procedures that were followed.

Purpose of the Investigation

The purpose of the investigation section outlines the specific objectives of the investigation. It should clearly state the reason for conducting the investigation, whether it is to address a complaint, investigate an incident, or assess a potential violation of company policies.

Scope of the Investigation

The scope of the investigation section defines the boundaries and limitations of the investigation. It should outline the specific areas or issues that will be covered in the investigation, as well as any areas that will not be included. This section helps to ensure that the investigation is focused and comprehensive.

Investigation Process

The investigation process section provides a detailed account of the steps taken during the investigation. This includes information on the interviews conducted, documents reviewed, and any other evidence collected. It should also outline any challenges or obstacles faced during the investigation and how they were addressed.


The findings section presents the factual information and evidence gathered during the investigation. It should provide an objective and unbiased account of the investigation, including any corroborating or conflicting statements. This section should also include a clear analysis of the evidence and any conclusions drawn from it.


The conclusion section summarizes the key findings of the investigation and provides an overall assessment of the situation. It should address whether the allegations or concerns raised in the investigation have been substantiated and provide any necessary recommendations or actions to be taken.


The recommendations section outlines any actions or measures that should be taken as a result of the investigation. This may include disciplinary actions, policy changes, or further training. It is important to provide clear and specific recommendations to address the issues identified during the investigation.


The appendix section includes any supporting documents or evidence that were referenced during the investigation. This may include witness statements, photographs, or relevant policies and procedures. Including these documents in the appendix helps to ensure transparency and accountability in the investigation process.

By following this workplace investigation report template, you can ensure that your reports are comprehensive, objective, and effective in addressing workplace concerns and complaints. Remember to adapt the template to suit the specific needs of your investigation and organization.

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