Vacation Bible School Agenda

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Vacation Bible School Agenda
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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Choosing the Theme
  3. Setting the Dates
  4. Planning Activities
  5. Selecting the Curriculum
  6. Recruiting Volunteers
  7. Decorating the Venue
  8. Handling Registration
  9. Promoting the Event
  10. Evaluating the Success


Vacation Bible School (VBS) is an annual event organized by churches to provide religious education and fun activities for children during their summer break. It is a great way to engage children in learning more about the Bible, building their faith, and forming lasting friendships. This article will guide you through the process of planning an effective VBS agenda in 2023.

Choosing the Theme

The first step in planning a successful VBS is choosing an engaging and relevant theme. The theme sets the tone for the entire event and helps create excitement among the participants. Consider themes that are educational, entertaining, and align with your church’s values. Some popular themes for 2023 include “Discovering God’s Creation,” “Journey to the Promised Land,” and “Heroes of Faith.”

Setting the Dates

Once you have selected a theme, it’s time to set the dates for your VBS. Consider the availability of your target audience, including children, parents, and volunteers. Avoid scheduling your VBS during major holidays or conflicting events. Aim for a week-long program that allows children to fully immerse themselves in the activities and teachings.

Planning Activities

Next, plan a variety of activities that align with your chosen theme. Include Bible lessons, crafts, games, music, and snacks to keep the children engaged and excited. You can also incorporate outdoor activities, such as scavenger hunts or nature walks, to add an element of adventure and exploration.

Selecting the Curriculum

Choosing the right curriculum is crucial for a successful VBS. Look for age-appropriate materials that are easy to understand and follow. Take into consideration the needs and interests of the children attending. Many reputable Christian publishers offer VBS curriculum packages that include lesson plans, activity ideas, and supporting materials.

Recruiting Volunteers

VBS requires a team of dedicated volunteers to ensure smooth operations and a safe environment for the children. Reach out to members of your congregation and ask for volunteers well in advance. Assign roles such as teachers, assistants, craft coordinators, and snack providers. Provide training and support to your volunteers to help them feel confident and prepared.

Decorating the Venue

Create an inviting and visually appealing environment by decorating the VBS venue. Use props, banners, and themed decorations that enhance the atmosphere and engage the children’s imagination. Consider transforming different areas of the venue to represent different aspects of your chosen theme.

Handling Registration

Implement a registration system to keep track of participants and ensure proper planning. Create an online registration form or provide physical forms at your church. Collect necessary information, such as contact details, allergies, and emergency contact numbers. Set a deadline for registration to allow ample time for logistical preparations.

Promoting the Event

Spread the word about your VBS by promoting it through various channels. Utilize your church’s website, social media platforms, community bulletin boards, and local newspapers to reach a wider audience. Create eye-catching flyers and posters to distribute in schools, community centers, and other relevant locations.

Evaluating the Success

After the conclusion of your VBS, take the time to evaluate its success. Seek feedback from participants, volunteers, and parents to identify areas of improvement. Assess the effectiveness of the curriculum, activities, and overall organization. Use this feedback to make necessary adjustments and plan an even better VBS in the future.

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