Snow Day Policy Template

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Policy Overview

A snow day policy template is a valuable resource for organizations to establish guidelines and procedures for dealing with inclement weather conditions. This policy ensures that both employers and employees are clear on expectations and procedures when severe weather, such as heavy snowfall, occurs. By having a well-defined policy in place, organizations can prioritize the safety and well-being of their employees while maintaining productivity.

Criteria for Snow Days

When determining whether to declare a snow day, organizations should consider several factors. These may include the severity of the snowstorm, road conditions, public transportation availability, and weather forecasts. It’s essential to establish clear criteria that will guide the decision-making process and ensure consistency across the organization.

Communication Plan

Effective communication is crucial during snow days to ensure that all employees are aware of any changes to their work schedule. The snow day policy template should outline how the organization will communicate with its employees, whether through email, text messages, or a designated communication platform. It should also include the contact information of the relevant personnel responsible for disseminating information.

Employee Responsibilities

Employees should be aware of their responsibilities during snow days. The policy template should clearly outline expectations regarding reporting absences, notifying supervisors, and making up missed work. Additionally, employees may be required to provide updates on their availability and ability to work remotely.

Makeup Days

In some organizations, snow days may need to be made up to ensure that productivity is not significantly affected. The policy template should specify how makeup days will be scheduled and whether they will be compensated or unpaid. It’s essential to consider the impact on employees’ work-life balance and morale when determining makeup day policies.

Safety Guidelines

The safety of employees should always be a top priority during snow days. The snow day policy template should include safety guidelines, such as urging employees to prioritize their safety and advising against unnecessary travel. It may also outline specific procedures for employees who need to travel to the workplace despite the inclement weather.

Remote Work Options

With advancements in technology, many organizations have the option to allow employees to work remotely during snow days. The snow day policy template should address remote work options, including expectations for availability, communication, and deliverables. It’s important to establish guidelines that ensure productivity and accountability while working from home.

Feedback and Improvement

After experiencing snow days, it’s essential to gather feedback from both employees and managers to identify areas for improvement. The snow day policy template should include a mechanism for collecting feedback, such as surveys or open discussions. This feedback can be used to refine the policy and ensure that it remains effective and relevant.


A well-designed snow day policy template is an invaluable tool for organizations to navigate inclement weather conditions while maintaining productivity and ensuring employee safety. By establishing clear guidelines and procedures, organizations can effectively communicate with their employees and make informed decisions regarding snow days. Regularly reviewing and updating the policy based on feedback and changing circumstances will help organizations adapt and improve their snow day policies over time.