Nonprofit Board Meeting Agenda Template

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Sample 62 Free Printable Nonprofit Board Meeting Agenda Template Board
Sample 62 Free Printable Nonprofit Board Meeting Agenda Template Board from

A nonprofit board meeting is an essential part of running a successful organization. It allows board members to come together and discuss important matters, make decisions, and plan for the future. To ensure that the meeting is productive and organized, it is important to have a well-structured agenda in place. In this article, we will provide you with a nonprofit board meeting agenda template that you can use for your organization.

Table of Contents


In this section, the chair or the meeting facilitator will welcome the board members and introduce any new members or guests. They will also review the purpose of the meeting and the agenda.

Opening Remarks

The opening remarks provide an opportunity for the board chair to address any important updates or announcements. This may include recognition of achievements, upcoming events, or changes within the organization.

Approval of Minutes

During this agenda item, the board will review and approve the minutes from the previous meeting. The minutes should accurately reflect the discussions and decisions made during the meeting. If there are any corrections or additions, they should be noted and amended accordingly.

Officer Reports

In this section, each officer of the board will provide a report on their respective areas of responsibility. This may include updates on financials, fundraising efforts, program development, or any other relevant information.

Committee Reports

If there are any committees within the organization, this is the time for their representatives to provide reports on their activities. Each committee should have a designated spokesperson who will summarize their progress, challenges, and recommendations.

Old Business

This agenda item is dedicated to discussing any unresolved matters from previous meetings. The board will revisit these topics, review any new information, and make decisions or take action as necessary.

New Business

During this section, board members can bring up new topics or issues for discussion. This may include proposed initiatives, partnerships, or changes to existing policies or procedures. The board will evaluate these proposals and make decisions based on the best interests of the organization.


In this section, board members can share any relevant announcements or updates. This may include upcoming events, staff changes, or other news that the board should be aware of. It is important to keep everyone informed and engaged.


Finally, the chair will formally conclude the meeting and adjourn. They may also provide a brief summary of the decisions made and any action items that need to be completed before the next meeting.

Using this nonprofit board meeting agenda template can help you streamline your meetings and ensure that all important topics are discussed. Remember to allocate sufficient time for each agenda item and encourage active participation from all board members. With an effective agenda in place, your nonprofit board meetings will be more productive and successful.