Ms Project 2013 Report Templates

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Ms Project 2013 Report Templates
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Ms Project 2013 is a project management software developed by Microsoft. It is widely used by project managers to plan, track, and analyze their projects. One of the key features of Ms Project 2013 is the ability to create and customize report templates. These templates allow project managers to generate professional-looking reports that provide valuable insights into project progress, resource allocation, and budgeting. In this article, we will explore some of the report templates available in Ms Project 2013 and how they can be used to improve project management.

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Project Summary Report

The Project Summary Report template provides an overview of the entire project. It includes information such as project start and end dates, total duration, and overall progress. This report is useful for stakeholders who want a high-level view of the project without diving into the details.

Resource Usage Report

The Resource Usage Report template shows how project resources are allocated and utilized. It provides insights into resource workloads, availability, and cost. This report is helpful for project managers to identify resource bottlenecks and make informed decisions regarding resource allocation.

Cost Overview Report

The Cost Overview Report template provides a detailed breakdown of project costs. It includes information on labor costs, material costs, and other project expenses. This report helps project managers track and control project budgets, ensuring that costs are within the allocated budget.

Task Details Report

The Task Details Report template provides a comprehensive view of individual project tasks. It includes information such as task duration, start and end dates, and task dependencies. This report is useful for project managers to monitor task progress and identify any potential delays or issues.

Milestone Report

The Milestone Report template focuses on project milestones. It provides a summary of all project milestones and their corresponding dates. This report is beneficial for project managers to track milestone achievements and ensure that critical project milestones are met on time.

Risk Analysis Report

The Risk Analysis Report template assesses project risks and their potential impact on project outcomes. It includes information on identified risks, their probability, and potential mitigation strategies. This report helps project managers proactively manage project risks and minimize their impact.

Gantt Chart Report

The Gantt Chart Report template visualizes project tasks and their dependencies in a Gantt chart format. It provides a graphical representation of project timelines and task progress. This report is useful for project managers to communicate project plans and timelines to stakeholders in an easily understandable format.

Baseline Report

The Baseline Report template compares actual project progress against the initial project plan. It shows any deviations from the baseline and provides insights into project performance. This report helps project managers identify areas where the project is falling behind schedule and take corrective actions.

Custom Report

Ms Project 2013 also allows users to create custom report templates based on their specific project requirements. Users can choose the data fields to include in the report, apply filters, and customize the report layout. This flexibility enables project managers to generate tailored reports that meet their unique project management needs.


Ms Project 2013 report templates provide project managers with valuable insights into project progress, resource allocation, and budgeting. Whether it is the Project Summary Report, Resource Usage Report, or a custom report, these templates help project managers make informed decisions and effectively communicate project information to stakeholders. By utilizing the report templates in Ms Project 2013, project managers can enhance project management practices and achieve project success.

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