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A tri fold brochure is a popular and effective marketing tool that can be used to promote a business, event, or product. It is a folded piece of paper that is divided into three panels, with each panel containing information or images related to the topic being promoted. Creating a tri fold brochure from scratch can be time-consuming and challenging, but luckily, there are free online templates available that can make the process much easier.

Benefits of Using Free Online Tri Fold Brochure Templates

Using free online tri fold brochure templates offers several benefits. Firstly, it saves time and effort since you don’t have to start from scratch. These templates are pre-designed and ready to use, allowing you to simply add your own content and images. Secondly, they are cost-effective. Instead of hiring a professional designer or purchasing expensive software, you can use these free templates to create a professional-looking brochure at no cost. Lastly, these templates are easily customizable, allowing you to tailor the design to suit your specific needs and preferences.

How to Use Free Online Tri Fold Brochure Templates

Using free online tri fold brochure templates is simple and straightforward. The first step is to choose a template that suits your needs. There are various websites that offer a wide range of templates to choose from. Once you have selected a template, you can customize it by adding your own text, images, and branding elements. Most templates come with placeholders where you can easily insert your content. After you have finished customizing the template, you can preview it to ensure everything looks as desired. Finally, you can download the template in a printable format and distribute it to your target audience.

Design Tips for Creating an Effective Tri Fold Brochure

When using a free online tri fold brochure template, it’s important to consider the design elements to create an effective and visually appealing brochure. Here are some design tips to keep in mind:

  • Use high-quality images that are relevant to your topic
  • Keep the text concise and easy to read
  • Use fonts and colors that align with your brand
  • Include a clear call to action to encourage readers to take the desired action
  • Ensure that the layout is well-balanced and visually appealing

Top Free Online Tri Fold Brochure Templates

There are numerous websites that offer free online tri fold brochure templates. Here are some of the top templates:

  • Template 1: [Link to Template 1]
  • Template 2: [Link to Template 2]
  • Template 3: [Link to Template 3]

These templates offer a variety of designs and layouts, allowing you to find the perfect template for your needs.


Free online tri fold brochure templates are a valuable resource for creating professional and visually appealing brochures without the need for design expertise or expensive software. They save time, money, and effort while still allowing for customization to suit your specific needs. By following design tips and utilizing the top templates available, you can create an effective tri fold brochure that effectively promotes your business, event, or product.