Cub Scout Committee Meeting Agenda Template

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Cub Scout Committee Meeting Agenda Template
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A Cub Scout Committee Meeting is an essential part of the Cub Scout program. The committee is responsible for planning and organizing activities, ensuring the safety of the scouts, and providing support to the Cub Scout leaders. To keep the committee meetings productive and organized, it is important to have a well-structured agenda. This article will provide a template for a Cub Scout Committee Meeting Agenda in the year 2023.


The agenda serves as a roadmap for the meeting, ensuring that all necessary topics are covered and that the meeting stays on track. It is important to distribute the agenda to all committee members prior to the meeting to allow them to prepare and contribute effectively. The following is a suggested agenda for a Cub Scout Committee Meeting:


The meeting should start with a welcome and introductions. This is an opportunity to create a positive and inclusive environment, making all committee members feel valued and appreciated.

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

The committee should review and approve the minutes from the previous meeting. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and that any necessary actions or follow-ups are addressed.


Each committee member should provide a brief update on their area of responsibility. This may include updates on finances, membership, program planning, fundraising, and any other relevant topics. It is important to keep these reports concise and focused.

Old Business

This section of the meeting agenda is dedicated to discussing any unresolved issues or ongoing projects from previous meetings. Committee members should provide updates on the progress and address any concerns or challenges.

New Business

The new business section is an opportunity to discuss and make decisions on new ideas, initiatives, or challenges that have arisen since the last meeting. Committee members should come prepared with any relevant information or proposals.


Committee members should share any upcoming events, important dates, or announcements that are relevant to the Cub Scout program. This ensures that everyone is informed and can plan accordingly.


The meeting should end with a summary of the key decisions and actions that were discussed. This provides clarity and ensures that everyone is on the same page moving forward. The closing should also include any acknowledgments or expressions of appreciation for the committee members’ time and contributions.


A well-structured agenda is essential for a productive and effective Cub Scout Committee Meeting. It provides a framework for discussion, keeps the meeting on track, and ensures that all necessary topics are covered. By using the template provided in this article, committee members can confidently plan and contribute to the success of the Cub Scout program.

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