Blank Frayer Model Template

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Blank Frayer Model Template
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What is a Frayer Model?

The Frayer Model is a graphic organizer that helps students understand and remember new vocabulary words. It was developed by Dorothy Frayer and her colleagues at the University of Wisconsin in the 1960s. The model consists of a four-square grid that students can fill in with information about a word or concept. The four squares include the definition, characteristics, examples, and non-examples of the word.

The Frayer Model is a versatile tool that can be used in various subjects and grade levels. It encourages critical thinking, as students analyze and categorize the different aspects of a word. By actively engaging with the word and its related information, students can develop a deeper understanding and make connections with other concepts.

How to Use the Blank Frayer Model Template

To use the Blank Frayer Model Template, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Blank Frayer Model Template from a reliable source.
  2. Print out multiple copies of the template, depending on the number of words you want to explore.
  3. Choose a word or concept that you want to introduce or review with your students.
  4. Write the word in the center of the grid.
  5. In the “Definition” square, write the meaning of the word.
  6. In the “Characteristics” square, write the unique features or qualities of the word.
  7. In the “Examples” square, list examples or instances where the word can be applied.
  8. In the “Non-examples” square, write examples of what the word is not or situations where the word does not apply.
  9. Discuss and analyze the completed Frayer Model as a class, encouraging students to share their ideas and insights.
  10. Repeat the process for other words or concepts.

Benefits of Using a Blank Frayer Model Template

The Blank Frayer Model Template offers several benefits:

  • Vocabulary Development: The Frayer Model helps students expand their vocabulary and develop a deeper understanding of word meanings.
  • Critical Thinking: By categorizing and analyzing the different aspects of a word, students engage in critical thinking and make connections with other concepts.
  • Memory Retention: The visual and interactive nature of the Frayer Model aids in memory retention and recall.
  • Organized Learning: The structured format of the Frayer Model helps students organize their thoughts and information in a clear and systematic way.
  • Active Engagement: The Frayer Model encourages active participation and engagement, as students actively fill in the different squares with information.

Tips for Creating an Effective Blank Frayer Model

To create an effective Blank Frayer Model, consider the following tips:

  • Choose Relevant Words: Select words that are important and relevant to the topic or subject you are teaching.
  • Provide Clear Definitions: Write concise and easy-to-understand definitions for the words.
  • Use Appropriate Examples: Include examples that are relevant and help illustrate the meaning of the word.
  • Include Non-examples: Non-examples help students understand the boundaries and limitations of a word.
  • Encourage Discussion: Foster class discussions to encourage students to share their thoughts and insights about the word or concept.
  • Use Visuals: Incorporate visuals such as images or diagrams to enhance understanding and memory retention.

Examples of Blank Frayer Models

Here are a few examples of completed Blank Frayer Models:

Word: Democracy

Definition: A system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through elected representatives.

Characteristics: Majority rule, protection of individual rights, free and fair elections.

Examples: United States, Canada, Australia.

Non-examples: Dictatorship, monarchy, communist regime.

Word: Photosynthesis

Definition: The process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesize foods with the help of chlorophyll.

Characteristics: Conversion of sunlight into chemical energy, production of glucose and oxygen.

Examples: Trees, grass, algae.

Non-examples: Animals, fungi, bacteria.


The Blank Frayer Model Template is a valuable tool for vocabulary development and critical thinking. By using this template, teachers can engage students in meaningful discussions and help them develop a deeper understanding of words and concepts. The structured format of the Frayer Model promotes organized learning and active participation. So why not try using the Blank Frayer Model Template in your classroom today?

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